George Galdiano

OBJECTIVE: Mr. Galdiano is currently a Network Manager for a North Dallas school district. Information on this page is intended to keep his family and friends up to date on his career.
EDUCATION: University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas
M.S. in Management Information Systems
Graduated in December of 1996 with a 3.8 GPA
  Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
M.S. in Management Information Systems
Completed 18 Hours with a 4.0 GPR
  Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas
B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems, May 9, 1987
02/01 - 06/02 CISCO Network Academy, Collin County Community College, McKinney, TX
Completed CISCO I through III: Area Network Design, Basic Router Configuration & Local Area Network Management
04/97 - 09/97 MicroSoft Certified Systems Engineer 4.0, Learning Path International, Dallas, TX
Completed MCSE NT 4.0 courses
03/94 - 03/94 Certified Novell Administrator 3.X, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Completed CNA and Advanced Administrator 3.X training
12/96 - 09/97 Certified Novell Engineer 4.0, Learning Path International, Dallas, TX
Received CNE 4.11 certification
Received CNA 4.0 certification
COMPUTER SKILLS: ADABAS 5.32, BOOTP tables, COBOL II, DHCP, DNS, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, KiXtart, Natural 2.2.4, Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x & 5.x, TCP/IP, Web Page Development, Windows NT 4.0 & 2000 Server, Windows 3.x, 95, NT, 2000, XP, WINS Servers, Wireless Networking, various disk operating systems, word processors, databases, spreadsheets, telecommunications and graphics programs
06/00 - Present LAN Manager, a North Texas Independent School District, Dallas, TX
Working for a North Dallas school district that boasts around 2,000 staff members and 17,500 students spanning 22+ locations. Oversees approxipately 165 W2K\W2K3 servers in a 8,000 PC, 10,000+ user account environment with Windows XP desktops. Helped develop a pilot Citrix terminal server farm, that includes an IIS, Certificate, Secure Gateway & 25 application servers. Setup a student & staff terminal server farm in Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Install & maintain network printers and applications. Entrusted with server, PC, application & account security using policies, quotas, NTFS and other resources. Assist with Lotus Notes accounts and issues. Implement & maintain DNS, DHCP & WINS servers and Domain Controllers. Write login, account creation & maintenance KiXtart scripts. Converted district to Windows 2000 and Active Directory after working with NetWare 4.x & 5.x for a year.
01/96 - 06/00 Information Technology Senior Manager, UTexas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
Oversee 700+ nodes in a NT, Novell, Lotus Notes & Exchange server environment including OS installation, service pack & hot fix upgrades, login script development, backup & recovery strategies, virus protection, account creation, quota management, IIS web & FTP services, print queue creation and maintenance, software and hardware installation and maintenance, and provide 3rd tier customer support. Responsible for helping plan, direct, test and implement new information technologies. Lead LAN wireless implementation efforts. Leading digital signature implementation efforts and serve as backup Certificate Authority. On disaster recovery & Y2K migration teams. Planned the migration of Novell 3.x and 4.x environments to NT 4.0. Entrusted with negotiating PC software site licenses, purchasing hardware and dealing with vendors. Manage internal programming and web design efforts as well as student computer labs. Acted as interim director of Technical Customer Services area during restructuring. Assist in developing information technology guidelines and budgets. Teach Database Design classes for the UTD School of Management.
01/95 - 01/96 Integration Specialist III, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX
Administered Novell 3.x and NT 3.51 servers. Solved complex technical support issues involving servers, clients, software and hardware. Developed web pages. Managed technical support personnel and developed the computer the Computer Problem Assistance Desk. Responsible for training UTD Network Coordinators on various computing issues.
07/91 - 01/95 Network Administrator & Programmer Analyst II, Texas A&M, College Station, TX
Student Records Head Development Programmer for the Student Information Management System. Responsible for internal COBOL program security to prevent unauthorized use of Student Information Management System programs. Responsible for detecting and correcting security problems in A&M’s telephone registration system. Wrote and enforced LAN security measures. Responsible for developing and registration programs and reports using COBOL/MVS and Natural/ADABAS on IBM 3090E. Provide support and programming for TAMU’s real-time telephone registration system. Redesigned transcripts to add on line addressing ability. Developed Natural programs to meet TASP and NCAA reporting requirements. Coded new GPR calculations for graduate students in COBOL for on-line student system. Provided hardware and software support for a 50 node NetWare 3.11 Ethernet LAN. Wrote a NetWare manual using NetWare 386 Manual Maker.
09/90 - 07/91 Programmer, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Provided hardware and software support for the Texas State Data Center. Wrote SAS programs for PC and IBM 3090 to read census data. Wrote a tape cataloging system using Dbase IV. Took Arc Info training classes.
02/89 - 09/90 Teacher Apprentice, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Wrote dBase II programs to facilitate student tracking and record keeping. Counseled people with drug addiction, marital and emotional problems. Taught Filipinos English, how to write resumes and look for jobs. Aided in benevolence programs. Learned to work quickly and efficiently in high-pressure environments. Gained experience working with people of diverse cultures and beliefs.
07/87 - 02/89 Programmer, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Responsible for debugging, troubleshooting and maintaining several mainframe IMS-COBOL systems. Trained to program in Natural and Nomad. Learned JCL and database management. Developed skills in designing, developing and maintaining systems on IBM mainframes.
09/85 - 05/87 Computer Laboratory Consultant, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX
Directed and assisted students in the design of computer programs using BASIC. Developed proficiency in communicating with novice computer users, hardware resource management and software utility management.
REFERENCES: Available upon request.